uchi sakaya brussels sprouts

Awhile back, I published the recipe for the Uchi / Sakaya brussels sprouts. If you have a very hot stove and have time to produce fish caramel, it’s a great recipe. But, what I found after making it a bunch of times was that my stove wasn’t getting hot enough to get the char I wanted. So, this post is a technique update to the brussels that I think will not only yield more consistent results, but also makes them more accessible when you ┬ámay not have time in advance to make fish caramel. Fish caramel, does by the way, keep in the fridge indefinitely so far as I can tell, so once you make it once, you should be able to use it again and again.

Basically, the change in technique is to use the slicing attachment of your food processor, set on thick, to pre-slice all the brussels into a small enough size that they cook quickly and get a little bit of char on the stove without over-charring before the inside gets cooked. You’ll want to flash fry these in batches (I used grapeseed oil since it’s neutral and has a high burning point) to ensure that the pan and oil stay hot and you really get a nice caramelization on the outside.

Another thing I noticed was that if you don’t have fish caramel, you can substitute the sweet thai chili sauce, a little fish sauce and some fresh ginger–which I actually think brings this closer to the Sakaya version than the Uchi version–instead. It still turns out very good.

Making a mess…

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