oysters on the half shell

I happen to believe that there are few things more delicious than icey-cold raw oysters on the half shell with a little bit of lemon juice, green onion, and a big heaping glob of horse radish. However, until recently, the only time I would ever have them was at a seafood restaurant. Well, there I was in the supermarket the other day, and there were Gulf Coast oysters in the seafood case for $.79 each. Might as well give them a try, no? I’m glad I did, because they were delicious and a lot of fun to prepare since I was having friends over. Before you start shucking oysters yourself, though, I would recommend watching one of the multitude of youtube videos addressing the topic so you (a) don’t injure yourself and (b) don’t spend all day putting your oyster knife in the wrong hole. TWSS. And also, just to dispel a common myth, oysters are not “only good in months ending in R,” but rather any month of the year so long as they’re fresh. Also, make sure you wear some kind of protective gloves (gardening gloves, potholders, mandoline gloves, etc.) so you don’t stab yourself with either the oyster or the knife if it slips. And, as for oyster knives, here’s a list of the good ones.


shucking oysters

shucking oysters

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