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There I was, about to check out at Central Market (Houston’s most overpriced, but high quality, you-can-find-almost-anything-there grocery store) when all of a sudden, BAM! A massive freezer full of these things called Good Pops. Now, normally, I’m not swayed by at-the-register impulse buys, but I have a bunch of friends who live in Austin which is where Good Pop is from, and for whatever reason, Good Pop has been subtly blowing up my facebook feed for the past few months. Oh, viral marketing… For as long as I do Paleo, I can’t seem to get rid of my sweet tooth. I could easily demolish a pint or two of super high-calorie, high-fat, high sugar ice cream and want another one because my body just doesn’t realize it’s eaten anything. So, I’m pretty much always in search of something that will satisfy my sweet tooth and not kill me. As for Good Pops? Well, they’re quite Good indeed, and other than the minuscule amount of cane sugar in them (I say minuscule since they’re maximum 63 calories) it’s almost the same as eating fruit.

There are a bunch of flavors: watermelon, hibiscus mint, mango, strawberry, banana cinnamon, and cold brew coffee. So far, I’ve tried only the hibiscus mint and the watermelon. The watermelon flavor was outstanding. It wasn’t too sweet, there was visible watermelon pulp in the popsicle (as well as seeds, which although creative and speaking to its naturalness, I wasn’t too fond of. Good Pop if you’re reading this, find a way to make them edible…), and it was ultra refreshing. The hibiscus mint flavor was also good. Once again, the right level of sweetness. I think the addition of the mint was key, as it helps balance the hibiscus’ tanginess. In case you didn’t know, hibiscus is what gives Starbucks’ Passion Tea its flavor. No, it’s not passion fruit…

Anyway, I think I can safely recommend Good Pops as a pretty solid, reasonably healthy Paleo-esque dessert. It certainly beats all the crap that’s in the SO DELICIOUS brand products, and these popsicles taste 100x better.

good pop nutrition factsGood Pop nutrition label

watermelon good popWatermelon Good Pop with seed

Hibiscus Mint Good Pop

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4 Responses to good pop: a practically paleo popsicle

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Ben!! Thanks for the shout out to GoodPop! We appreciate it! So glad you like the hibiscus mint, it’s my personal fave as well right now. And as for the watermelon, we’re no longer including the seeds in the recipe :) – although, because it’s real fruit, there may be a few here and there.

    Really looking forward to trying out some of your recipes! Your site is awesome!!

  2. Myron Greenfield says:

    Dear BIen,

    It was a great pleasure meeting you this evening at Karen and David’s.
    it is a thrill to see a young man devoted to cooking, and extremely clean, creative and utilitarian cooking for your generation and the new millennium. Very impressed!
    Love, and I wish for you great success. Please add me to your mailing list.
    Now, for my carrot soup!! Carrots, one sweet potato, cinnamon, apple pie spice, salt, pepper, coriander, turmeric, olive oil…I roast in my cast iron skillet until soft and brown. Sometimes I also chop an onion. I put a box of HEB low-sodium chicken broth on, add the roasted veggies, and cook for about an hour. I then whip it up with the Braun blender, and cook for about thirty more minutes. It is delicious!!
    Be well, boychik, have a Happy Healthy New Year and keep on cooking!


    • Ben says:

      As it happens I have a big bag of carrots and some sweet potatoes. I may make something similar this weekend. Thanks for the recipe.

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